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Reason # 1 for anchors

Attention to detail

Timeless maritime watches of the highest quality are our passion! This is exactly what is reflected in the many small and loving details in our watches. Our logo on the crown, which is only a few millimeters in size, is just one of many details that can be discovered.

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Reason # 2 for ANCHORSES

Quick change technology

Our bracelets can be exchanged in just a few seconds and without tools. So you can easily adapt the watch to your outfit.

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Reason # 3 for ANCHORSES

Precision clockwork from Switzerland

A clockwork is the heart and the motor of every clock. It was clear to us that only the best is good enough for us and our watches.

For this reason, a movement from the Swiss company Ronda beats at the heart of our watches, which impresses with the highest quality, precision and a long service life.

Reason # 4 for anchors

Maritime design

A box made of wood, a "duffel bag" made of coarse cotton and a striking sailboat as a logo ... maritime and timeless, just typically northern German.

Sustainability out of conviction

The topic of sustainability is not an annoying accessory for us, but a topic that we take seriously and that is deeply anchored in our corporate philosophy. The conscious and future-oriented use of resources is therefore also reflected in our entire packaging concept.
We rely exclusively on:

Wood, wood wool, cotton and recycled paper

ANCHORSEN Holzbox Segelboot

Uncompromising quality

North German modesty combined with loving craftsmanship, Swiss watch tradition and high-quality materials are the essential characteristics of our ANCHORSEN watches.

Timepieces that should accompany you on all your adventures and always remind you to enjoy every second of your life.

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